Welcome to the home of the Whitefriars glass exhibition 2016

Here you will find important information regarding the exhibition along with photographs of peoples visit.

Whitefriars glass has been widely collected for many years both in the UK and across the world. This exhibition aimed to bring together the most complete collection of pieces produced at the factory from 1935 to 1969. 

Showcasing the work  of some of Whitefriars most famous and celebrated craftsman and artists. From Hogan to Baxter this exhibition is not to be missed. 

Special Exhibit 

A very special collection was unearthed and made its debut at the exhibition.

Catherine May Smith an employee of Whitefriars for several years has kindly allowed us to exhibit her collection which has never been seen before. Pieces including trials and one offs by Tom Hills and others will be on show. 

The book to accompany the exhibition can be found here. With images of every patttern number exhibited including the colours produced, along with background into the  glassworks and much more.