Whitefriars glass is a subject which speaks volumes to many people. Whether through collecting or using the pieces over time, the name Whitefriars has touched many people across the world. Last year the subject of a new exhibition was mentioned to myself and I thought, along with others who i have spoken to about it, that the time was right to showcase the wonderful workmanship and art once again. 


Using existing catalogues and expert opinion from a close circle of collectors the exhibition aims to bring together as many known production pieces as physically possible. The years in question are 1935 - 1969, brining the post and pre war designs under the spotlight. Hogan, Powell and Baxter amongst the names who's work will be showcased. 


Banjo vase in Tangerine Pat No 9681 


From the moment you walk in through either entrance you will be walking into a time warp. Flowing from year to year. Through the styles and designs, rare to the easily recognisable, this really is an exhibition not to be missed!

Whitefriars Blue on green vase Pat No 9030

Whitefriars Swung out vase in Cinnamon Pat No 9650 

Catherine  May Smith Collection 

Catherine Smith worked at Whitefriars in the later part of the 1940s until 1952. During her time at the factory Catherine became friends with the blowers and collected many wonderful and sometimes unique pieces. We are fortunate enough that her daughter Margaret has allowed us to exhibit her collection alongside the main works. This is the first time many of these pieces have been seen by the public and really are not to be missed.